The Nardi Self propelled sprayers contain their own motor which allows movement of the sprayers even in the most difficult environments. The key characteristics that place these sprayers above and beyond the competitor’s are a high clearance, a larger than average spray radius, and an adjustable spraying height. Additionally, it is extremely precise, economic and ergonomic, therefore making it incredibly easy and effective to use in the field. When faced with challenging conditions and requirements in the agricultural productions, the Nardi sprayers not only meet, but entirely exceed expectations of the most demanding clients.






  1. IVECO-AIFO NEF 6 cylinders (129kw - 175HP)
  2. Hydrostatic transmission for two forward speeds 0-21km/h 0-42km/h with MS18 motors on rear wheels and 90R130 SAUER pump
  3. Hydraulic steering system on front wheels
  4. Driving rear wheels
  5. Hydropneumatic shock absorber on front and rear axle
  6. Negative breaks on rear wheels and disc bracks on front wheels
  7. Ground clearance 1500mm with wheels 270/95 R44
  8. 3000lt or 3500 or 4000lt polyethylene tank
  9. Rops cab with air conditioning with active carbon filter, pneumatic seat, passenger seat
  10. Stereo system with CD player
  11. Trijet jets with O2 polymer air induction and XR04-06VK ceramic nozzles
  12. Hydraulic folding boom
  13. Parallelogram hydraulic boom height adjustment, stroke 1900mm
  14. Hydraulic self-levelling device with connecting rods
  15. Boom shock absorber with accumulator
  16. Electrohydraulic boom control with joystick
  17. Spraydos spraycomputer
  18. Ecomixer 35lt
  19. Circuit washig tank
  20. Pump 250/min
  21. Manually adjustable track in 4 positions: 2250, 2500, 2800, 3000mm
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