ATOM MNardi mounted mist-blowers (200, 300, 400, 600, 800L) with different blower group (Ø600, 700, 800) are highly specialized implements intended for agricultural use. They are special designed in order to provide the very best chemical protection in orchard and vineyard corp production, thanks to a series of technical innovation. Nardi produce the implements to a great care of enviroment and users of products and in this purpose have large number of different mist blowers with tank capacities ranging from 230 to 800 l, which, with their wide range of use, can meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.





Standard equipment:Optional equipment:
Hot-dip galvanized steel frame Pump APS 61 instead of pump APS 51
Polyethylene tank designed for total drainage with screw lid Pump APS 71 instead of pump APS 51
Hand and circuit washing tank Pump APS 71 instead of pump APS 61
Diaphragm pump Pump APS 96 instead of pump APS 71
Gearbox speed increase Transport wheel (850L)
Double brass nozzles Self filling kit 5m with basket Ø30
Polypropylene propeller with adjustable pitch Self filling kit 5m with basket Ø40 (800L)
Pressure regulator from tractor ALFA 2 Line filter brass (both sides)
  Deflector panel H-130
  Deflector panel H-150
  Spray gunLA600
  Spray gun with “Turbo“ nozzle head
  Tube agitator
  60 bar hose
  Rubber clutch (Ø600, Ø700)
  Electronic proportional unit with computer Bravo 180S
  El. control unit with box control
  Top nozzle
  Leaf protection 980x225
  Bottle washing device
  Powder mixer
  High pressure piston pump YA75
  High pressure piston pump YA150


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