ATOM Protect2NARDI PROTECTOR are highly specialized implements intended for those who agricultural commitment taking seriously. They are special designed in order to provide the very best chemical protection in orchard and vineyard corp production, thanks to a series of technical innovation. NARDI PROTECTOR, as the name says, are made with a great care of enviroment and users of this product. Polyester panel with the best components bring uniformly and quality distribution of chemistry where you want without unnecessary waste. It came in variation of 400, 600 and 800L.










Standard equipment:Optional equipment:
Diaphragm pump APS71 Pump APS96 instead of pump APS71
Manual control unit with solenoid valves Motorized valves “Compact plus“
Control box Brass solenoid valves
Ball valve Computer Bravo 180S
Hand and circuit washing tank Trijet brass nozzles
Three point cupling Premixer in the basket
Fan unit Kit lights
Double brass nozzles Internal nozzle for tank washing
Intake filter Box for chemical product
Polyester deflector panel Axle with fixed wheels for mounted version
  Self filling kit 5m with basket Ø30
  Thread cupling
  Kit washing tank


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